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Many Researchers claim that Anxiety has to do with how the brain produces Serotonin.  Serotonin is what calms people down when they have had a rush of Adrenaline.  When the Serotonin levels are not properly produced that is when some develop Anxiety or Panic Attacks. 
Anxiety to me use to feel like I was lost, I was alone.  I couldn't reach out because my mind was so busy exploding I didn't know what to do.  Tied up and tangled up in my own thoughts I wasn't able to do anything.
This page is to let you know you are not ALONE.  Many, many people suffer from anxiety and we are all here for you to assist and stand by you.
Do you feel your mind racing? Like you are full of knots in your mind, stomach and body? Does Anxiety keep you awake at night thinking about so many things you begin to feel the knots and worry set in.  So scared you become immobile? 
Do you feel alone and try to explain to your family and friends what is going on and they just can't understand?  I've been there done that.  Have you tried self medicating with alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, eating.....anything that can take this dreadful feeling away?  Now I ask have you tried Reiki? Any type of energy healing?

Empaths are extremely vulnerable to Anxiety or what feels like Anxiety.  An Empath takes on other people's thoughts, feeling, and emotions.  If you are an Empath I suggest having regular Reiki or Energy Healing Sessions to clear yourself from the daily absorption.  The feeling that something is holding onto you and won't let go, it's time to let that go now.

The Benefits of energy work

Energy work and holistic alternatives can not only assist in reducing the physical symptoms, it can also work on a subconscious level to assist with blockages and limitations.  It can create a calmness in your body you have been seeking.  I am a practitioner and Reiki Master myself and yet I still must take care of my self and seek treatments from other practitioners.

Other alternatives

Many suffer so badly from Anxiety they take medication, which there is nothing wrong with that.  Just like a diabetic needs insulin for their bodies, people suffering from Anxiety need medication to level out their brain chemistry.
Another alternative is Pacifica.  An app for your phone that allows you to track your mood and when your feeling good, bad or very good.  This way you may be able to track and know when an Anxiety attack is coming.  It also has an online support group that you can chat with.
Meditation may also provide relief.  I personally use the Insight Timer app which has thousands of free meditations, just using data, that are available at your finger tips.  I highly suggest this as a daily practice.
If you are lucky you may have an Anxiety support group in your area.  My point of view is try it out.  When you are in a room with like minded people the pressure and the knots seem to dissipate on their own.
please i ask that you remember you are never alone in this we are all here for you!!
is it time to break free from this?  Is it time to let go of what's holding you back?
if you would like to book a session please call or pm me on facebook
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